Long Name LabSys
Description Web-based alternative front-end to LW LIMS
Technologies ECMAScript
Dependency Requires LDBC for database access

LDBC Installation Instructions

Use Microsoft's ODBC Data Sources (64-bit) to verify that the target database is accessible via ODBC.

Download LDBC. Extract and install it.

Create a plaintext file at: %LocalAppData%/LDBC/config.js
Populate the file with ODBC strings per example:

module.exports = {
	connectionStrings: {
		Local: "Driver={Oracle in XE};Uid=lwlims;Pwd=whatever;"

Launching LabSys

Launch LDBC. By default, it'll connect using the first ODBC string in the config file. Use number keys 1-9 to specify a different database, if necessary.

Open in Google Chrome or equivalent WebKit browser.